Tax is the most basic implication of doing any business.
With considerable changes being made in the taxation laws every single day, the complexity of complying with the prevalent taxation laws is increasing more and more.

The need of the hour is to engage an expert in this field who can handle all tax issues with ease and has tremendous knowledge of various taxation laws.

Our Aim

We at KAKS aim to provide a comprehensive solution for our clients.Our qualified team regularly handles all compliance related issues as well as litigation and advisory services.Our team of Chartered Accountants having over 30 years of experience will be happy to assist you in handling all your taxation related issues so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Income Tax

We provide a comprehensive solution for direct taxes which includes:

  1. Filing of income tax returns
  2. Handling assessments
  3. Representation before the tax authorities
  4. Consultation services
  5. Tax audits